Noelle Turco loves yard sales, decorating, dancing, Kang Lieng soup, plants, soft socks, Leo Buscaglia books, consignment shops, E.L.O., intelligence, vintage things, coffee, clearance sales, awesome people, and free stuff.  Discarded items are her treasures that offer inspiration or are applied energetically to her mixed media art.  Torn paper, crayons, watercolor, ink, pastels, oil paint, wire, thread, acrylic, found objects, material and anything else you can think of are used to create unique stories that unfold into vibrant visual journeys.  Wherever Noelle is, be it in the woods or downtown, anything that catches her eye on the ground is happily put into her backpack.  Her inspirations come from dreams, life, words, gardening, music, Asian art, 1950-70’s children’s illustrations and graphic design.  Her use of diverse materials helps to convey her “one of a kind psychological expression” similar to illustrative narratives.

    Ms. Turco resides in Lancaster and is the mother of two spectacular children and has the ultimate boyfriend plus a dog named Hidiho Fantastic Floppy Ears Jones.  Noelle holds a degree in Art with a concentration in the Social Sciences.  She has shown her art throughout the East Coast and several of her pieces are owned by prominent collectors and businesses.   Noelle had been the Art Director at Carr’s Restaurant for 14 years and designed Crush Wine Bar which had previously been above the restaurant before it was demolished in 2015.  Ms. Turco has also taught private art lessons to children.

   Noelle Turco currently is self employed doing interior design with her business Red House Design Company. She continues to combine her love of art and painting within her business adding to her ability to create signature pieces in her interior design model.


About Noelle:


1992 - Present


  Noelle Turco has been displaying and selling her art at numerous galleries, venues, and commissioned sales.  Her work can be viewed at the local Women and Babies hospital, by appointment and on-line.  Ms. Turco's work is owned by prominent collectors from California to Russia.  She has curated and helped plan several events in the Pennsylvania region.  Noelle is currently making  commissioned art and interior design as her main career focus.   



2003 - 2016

Carr's Restaurant

Lancaster, PA


  Noelle had been the Art Director at Carr's for the past 14 years, hanging a new display every two months that includes  2 to 4 artists per show.  She had arranged a diverse selection of capabilities and genres, offering variety and visual pleasure.  Taking no commission or pay from the artists and restaurateur, made her an asset to her community and a true dedicated cheerleader to opening opportunities to multiple creative individuals with little or no other outlets.

  Crush Wine Bar, which was located above the restaurant was designed and decorated by Noelle on a shoestring budget in 2009.  Inside the cozy area was housed unique art pieces, hand crafted counter-tops and seating.  It was demolished in 2015  and expanded for a new restaurant.









2016 - 2019

Imperial Restaurant,

Holiday Inn Lancaster,

Historic Suites

Lancaster, PA


  In 2016, Noelle Turco renovated and remodeled a 6,000+ square foot house with her partner that once held 45 cats with the intent to flip it and sell.  However, with the 2 year arduous process and unimaginable hours, it created a bond which turned into love.  They now live in that house. 


  Noelle recently completed all faucets of the design and decor for the Imperial Restaurant in Lancaster City.  Ms. Turco also designed and decorated the Imperial ballrooms, Pool and common areas in The Holiday Inn Lancaster. Working closely with architects and the project manager to renovate thousands of square footage, she created a visual feast for the senses including outdoor greenery landscape that hangs over the entrance and surrounds the outdoor patio. Noelle also painted all the works of art including the floor and historic B&W photographs relevant to the design site and hotel rooms.  Ms. Turco applied this same procedure to 35 images in the two local Historic Suites buildings she had decorated.


















1997 - 2001

Millersville University

Lancaster, PA


  Noelle received a B.A. in Art with a concentration in the Social Sciences.  She studied all facets of art and childhood education, hoping to become an Art Therapist or work with children. She was a Therapeutic Staff Support Specialist at one point in time.  Noelle graduated Magna Cum Laude while being a single parent and working in the food service industry. 


1995 - 1997

Harrisburg Area Community College

Lancaster, PA


  Trying to save money and slowly immerse herself into academia, Noelle took core classes with a concentration in the Social Sciences.  She was on the Deans list throughout her stay and received the Creative Achievment Award.



1984 -1987 

Warwick High School

Lititz, PA


  Ms. Turco graduated high school one year early to start her career as a rock star in California ( still hoping ). She received numerous accolades and Gold Key awards for her art creations while there and played field hockey, softball, smoked cigarettes at the schools lounge while spraying Aussie Scrunch in her hair and ogling boys.